Classic Line

Classic Line


A small technical update, a considerable increase in performance

Classic Line today represents the best buy for all budgets. Since we have demonstrated the importance of a rack into an audio system, we considered it essential to make available also to the enthusiasts, that for various reasons don’t intend to invest significant amounts in a product of this type, the highest possible level of isolation, combined with a series of primary importance technical characteristics.

The new 2.1 version combines the most prestigious lines in the new “zero shaking” tightening system. The upgrade is 100% compatible with previous versions so owners of Classic Line racks can now easily add and mix shelves in the 2.1 version.
The result achieved is of absolute importance: considering that we are talking about an entry-level and a totally free constraint rack, the stability increases by more than 50% compared to previous versions!


Bassocontinou Classic Line


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